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Wowzers business planning tool.

Kanvas transforms ideas into actionable business plans. It helps you plan, explore and scrutinise your ideas before implementation, and communicate those learnings with your team(s).

Based on the Business Model Canvas, Kanvas combines an easy-to-follow wizard, structured questions and examples, and the ability to co-create and share your Kanvas in one intuitive tool.

If you’re starting out with a new product or business idea…

Hints and tips.

Don’t go it alone. You’ll find concise, detailed explanations, tips and trigger questions to help you at every step.

Done-for-you answers.

Single or multiple choice answers with explanations for every question. Choose the answer that best fits your business.

Easy-to-follow wizard.

Complete each Kanvas in a logical order which builds off the step before with the Kanvas Wizard.


Wowzers OKR planning tool.

OKRs help you set direction and focus on what matters most. Take the knowledge gleaned from capturing your business plan in Kanvas, and translate it into actionable Objectives and Key Results.

Create Objectives and assign them to your team. Add Key Results, and specify which Initiatives (cards) must be completed (from Workflows) to achieve them.

Get buy-in across your organisation and empower your employees to do their best work.

Define your structure.

Create objectives at any level - Company, Department, Team or Individual. Whatever works for you and your business.

Advanced or Easy OKRs.

Just starting out? Create simple Key Results and leave the advanced metrics to the pros.

Keep Track. (Coming Soon)

Effortlessly update the Objectives and Key Results assigned to you from your Action board.


Wowzers project planning tool.

Workflows are where everyone comes together to get stuff done. Whether it’s an OKR initiative or a task, Workflows ensure everything stays organised, and everyone knows what’s going on.

Create Workflow boards for different processes or teams, and invite your colleagues to join you. Capture what needs doing on cards, assign team members tasks and collaborate across teams to deliver on time and budget.

Arrange work your way.

Choose a view that works for you and your workflow- kanban, swimlane, list or shared views. You decide.

Collaborate across teams.

Effortlessly collaborate across teams with card sharing. Add a team member from another board to your card, and it will appear on their board too.

Capture what’s important.

Customise your cards to the task at hand with blocks. Tasks, User Story, Hypothesis, to name just a few.

More ways to help you engineer extraordinary growth.

From To-dos to Standups, Wowzers has it all.


Standups made easy. Keep track of what everyone’s working on or discuss progress towards OKRs.

Idea Prioritisation.

Distinguish the great ideas from the also-rans and know exactly what to work on next with Wowzer’s Rank & Rate.

Tasks & To-dos.

Differentiate between and manage work (tasks) and personal admin (to-dos) in one app so you’ll always be on top of your game.


Create an internal knowledge base for your team. Policies, product documentation, cheat sheets. Docs handle it all.


Capture your ideas and actions quickly with Notes. Ideal for jotting down minutes from a meeting or collating all your thoughts.


Keep track of everything you need to get done. Action collates all your tasks, to-dos, notes and OKRs in one place.

Wowzers. The Growth OS with strategy ‘baked in’.