This MVP failed.

We built Wowzers internally, intending to sell it commercially.
For over twelve months, Wowzers powered Wowzers' operations and those of its parent company and sister brands.

But it wasn't to be. The Wowzers project was axed in August 2023 owing to budget constraints. The tooling continues to be maintained and used internally but will not be developed further - at least for now. We'd like to thank our beta users and everyone who contributed.

We've left our website right as it was, should you be interested in learning more about Wowzers and the underlying technology behind it.

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See How Wowzers Helps Busy Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Grow Their Business.

Wowzers was founded to help busy business owners cut through the noise and identify the activities that move the money needle.
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Wowzers helps you…

Prioritise your work.

We all struggle to prioritise. From Executives to Interns, people routinely work on the wrong activities. Activities that won’t help the organisation achieve their Objectives.

There are many reasons why. Everything is considered “high priority”, fighting fires feels right, and let’s face it, doing easy things is… easier.

It can be frustrating when you find your team working on lesser tasks, but Wowzers is here to help. We provide the following tools to help your team stay on track.

OKR Management.

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) help you set direction and focus on what matters most. Think stretch goals with measurable results; OKRs promote transparency and increase engagement across the business. Done right, everything you do can be tied back to an Objective or a Key Result.


There are many ways to achieve an objective. Rate&Rank helps you decide what initiatives (projects) to work on next. Rate your ideas out of ten for each of these five criteria - Probability, Happiness, Impact, Ease, Time - focusing resources on those initiatives with the highest score.

To-do & Task Prioritisation.

Manage personal to-dos (e.g. “send Monthly Ads report to Sarah”) and project-related tasks in one app. Organise and prioritise your to-dos using the Eisenhower Framework. See all your to-dos and tasks in one place, and group them under custom headings.

Wowzers helps you…

Encourage team collaboration & communication.

In 2023, teams and individuals still find themselves working in silos, and miscommunication is endemic, losing businesses up to $12,506 per team member a year in lost productivity. And that’s despite all the advances in team coordination and collaboration facilitated by the likes of online chat, video meetings and team collaboration apps.

While Wowers doesn’t replace all internal comms tools, we provide the following features to help you coordinate your teams and prevent them from working in silos.


You can achieve great things in 15 minutes. (The length of a typical standup). These time-boxed meetings encourage information sharing, reduce roadblocks, ensure everyone’s in sync and save time. Add tasks and to-dos to the Standup board and start hosting your daily standups in Wowzers today.

Card Sharing.

Effortlessly share cards with other team members across Workflow boards. No more having to invite team members to multiple boards to bring a project to fruition. With Wowzers, you can share a card with as many boards and team members as you like, so everyone can participate and do their bit.

Wowzers helps you…

Coordinate your teams.

In today’s fast-paced business world, how you coordinate your teams significantly impacts their performance and that of the business as a whole.

Efficient team coordination prevents delays, improves resource management, reduces internal conflict, and creates a sense of ‘team’. It also permeates outside the business to your customers through their interactions with customer-facing roles like sales and support.

Team coordination is our bread and butter. Our entire tool revolves around it. Here’s how Wowzers helps you coordinate your teams to deliver your OKRs.


We have an entire tool dedicated to team Coordination - Workflows. Create Workflow boards for different processes or teams, and invite your colleagues to join you. Capture what needs doing on cards, assign team members tasks and collaborate across teams to deliver on time and budget. Choose between Kanban (process-oriented) or List views (grouping and sorting) to arrange your work your way.

Task Management.

Break down complex projects into manageable work items that can be allocated among your team with tasks. Both tasks and to-dos pack a host of features to help you get stuff done, including the ability to set due dates, add notes and attachments to individual tasks and to-dos, add them to Standups or convert them into cards.

Wowzers helps you…

Run growth experiments.

Growth Experimentation is a systematic approach to testing strategy. It involves proving or disproving assumptions, termed ‘hypothesis’, often with lightweight, rapid tests, termed ‘experiments’. Growth Experimentation helps you find the most efficient channels and processes and prevents resource waste while creating a feedback loop to refine your strategy.

Wowzers is rooted in Growth Experimentation, with specific functionality to help you ideate > plan > create > execute > learn.

Experiment Blocks.

Hypothesis, User Stories, Success Metrics and more, Wowzers provides dedicated blocks (add-ons that provide specific functionality, allowing you to customise your cards to your workflow) to capture everything you need to design and run growth experiments.


Another shoutout for Rate&Rank. Use this prioritisation framework to help you decide which experiments to run next. Every team member on your board gets a vote, meaning the decision on what experiments to prioritise is a collective one.

Wowzers helps you…

Manage your Dev team(s).

If there’s one team at risk of operating in a silo, it’s your Development team. What with their Backlogs and Sprints, Dev teams have a distinct way of working. This, combined with the complex, technical nature of their work, means it can be hard to integrate the Dev team with others.

As a result, it’s not uncommon for Development teams to be managed using separate project management software from the rest of the business, compounding their isolation.

But not with Wowzers. Our Workflow boards have dedicated functionality to accommodate development teams so that they can use Wowzers like everyone else.


You can manage your entire Development team in one Workflow board with Sprints. Use ‘Kanban’ view to manage your Dev workflow, and ‘List’ view to administer the Backlog, all in one board. Mark a heading as “Current Sprint” in ‘List’ view, and only the cards in this Heading will show in ‘Kanboard’ view. This means there can be hundreds of cards in your Backlog but only the cards in your current sprint on the Kanban board. Win!

Development Blocks.

In addition to managing Backlogs and Sprints in one Workflow board, Workflow cards also have dedicated blocks for Dev teams. The aptly named “Development” block is purpose-built for Dev teams and contains a suite of practical, dev-related metrics and functionality to help your Devs plan their work. We’ll be adding more development-specific blocks in future. Watch this space.

Wowzers helps you…

Grow your business.

While it’s true technology has been a great enabler, increasing productivity and making our lives easier, the same cannot be said for making our lives simpler.

It’s not uncommon for businesses to juggle multiple tools to manage their day-to-day operations, which can result in inefficiencies – multitasking, data duplication and slowing down of IT systems, to name but a few.

Wowzers consolidates several core tools in one app – OKRs, Workflows, Docs, Standups and more – and joins the dots between them, so your team has everything they need to ideate > execute > learn together.

OKR Management.

Using a separate app to manage your OKRS? Or a spreadsheet? With Wowzers, you can create and track your Objectives and Key Results and manage all the initiatives needed to achieve them in one app.


Manage all your teams - Development, Marketing, Support, Finance, Legal and more - with Workflows. While we won't replace your accounting software or CRM, we will help you coordinate your teams, manage their workload and promote cross-team collaboration.

Docs Lite.

Invested in a Document Management Tool? Wowzers provides bare-bones documentation management - Docs Lite - to facilitate knowledge sharing and ensure critical information is retained when personnel leave.

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