This MVP failed.

We built Wowzers internally, intending to sell it commercially.
For over twelve months, Wowzers powered Wowzers' operations and those of its parent company and sister brands.

But it wasn't to be. The Wowzers project was axed in August 2023 owing to budget constraints. The tooling continues to be maintained and used internally but will not be developed further - at least for now. We'd like to thank our beta users and everyone who contributed.

We've left our website right as it was, should you be interested in learning more about Wowzers and the underlying technology behind it.

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The fast, easy business
plan builder.

Kanvas is the insight-led business plan builder that transforms ideas into actionable business plans that can be quickly tested and validated.
No credit card required.

Kanvas. Business plans
made simple.

Based on the two leading business model methodologies (Business Model
Canvas, Lean Canvas), Kanvas combines an easy-to-follow wizard,
structured questions and examples, and the ability to co-create
and share your canvas in one intuitive tool.
It's like taking an open-book exam with all the answers!

Your business health sanity check.

Uncover your strengths, identify your weaknesses and see the ‘bigger picture’.


Capture & validate business plans.

Effortlessly flesh out business ideas or existing business models using
the Business Model Canvas and Lean Canvas.

De-risk your business.

Uncover strengths, identify weaknesses, see the ‘bigger picture’
and know where to direct resources. (Energy, money, time).

Communicate your idea(s).

Distil the essence of your business or idea in a 1-page, actionable
business plan that’s easy to read and share.

Save time.

Create a fully customisable business plan in a fraction of the time using
our easy-to-follow wizard and structured questions with examples.

Stay in the loop.

Co-founders, shareholders, investors, team members. Easily share
your business plan so everyones on the same page.

45% of businesses fail within 5 years.

(source: Bureau of Labour Statistics)

Causes; no product market fit, insufficient cashflow, inadequate marketing.
indecisiveness, expanding too fast, or too late. AKA poor decision making.

The solution; map and evaluate your business with Kanvas.
Because It’s never too late early to stress test an idea.

Don’t do business as usual.

Kanvas, by Wowzers.

Wowzers was founded to help tech companies and startups engineer extraordinary growth. While countless articles, books and courses explore every facet of growing a business, implementation is left to the resolve and ingenuity of individual leaders and their teams.

That’s why we build Wowzers; a growth OS combining goals (OKRs), strategy and growth experimentation to help you engineer extraordinary growth.

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Start strategising today.

No credit card required.