This MVP failed.

We built Wowzers internally, intending to sell it commercially.
For over twelve months, Wowzers powered Wowzers' operations and those of its parent company and sister brands.

But it wasn't to be. The Wowzers project was axed in August 2023 owing to budget constraints. The tooling continues to be maintained and used internally but will not be developed further - at least for now. We'd like to thank our beta users and everyone who contributed.

We've left our website right as it was, should you be interested in learning more about Wowzers and the underlying technology behind it.

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Stop doing, start grOWIng.

Know exactly where to focus with Wowzers Growth OS.
Idea, goal and project management that grows with your business.

‘Little chores’,
little growth.

Do you worry you’re prioritising the right thing to
grow your business? There are 101 things you could
do, but should you?

Truth is, many business owners and entrepreneurs
obsess over ‘little chores’. Itches that feel good to
scratch but yield little long-term benefit. They’re
not growing. They’re doing. It’s no wonder 90%
of businesses fail.

A fresh approach to work and team management.

The tools we use to manage the way we work are built for corporates. They help you get stuff done but don’t help you figure out what works. Wowzers provides the structure and tools you need to cut through the noise and identify the activities that move the money needle.

One tool for all your work and teams. Tried and tested on our own businesses.

Are you in it to win it??

When you are a founder, business owner, manager or consultant, gaining proof that the company is working is essential. Evaluate potential, identify opportunities, build what your customers love, and increase market share with growth tooling built for you.

Includes 2 free users, then €6.99 per user/month.

The SaaS that
grows with you.

While ‘a thousand books’ explore every facet of
growing a business, implementation is left to you.

Wowzers combines all that knowledge into a simple
tool. A Growth OS combining idea rating, goal
tracking (OKRs), project management, and growth
experimentation. So you can focus on the high
impact work that drives growth.

Try the tool built for growth.

Includes 2 free users, then €6.99 per user/month.